'Unlocking the Undiscovered Potential in Every Child.'


Before-school club…

Teaching staff set character skills for pupils to enhance and capture their effort, attitude and team based dynamics.

“Teaching staff use 50-50 LAB to energize the breakfast club participants.”

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Break & lunchtime…

50-50 zones are learning platforms that promote and practise safe play, leadership skills and embed social skills.

“50-50 LAB reduces behaviour and first aid incidents during break and lunchtimes.”

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Pupils are given responsible roles as LAB learners, LAB workers or LAB leaders during unstructured times of the day. This has successfully contributed to increased attainment.

“50-50 zones enable every child to feel calmer, more relaxed and composed before going back into their classroom after break and lunchtimes.”

PE lessons…

Pupils are scored on their effort and attitude towards achieving the technical objective, giving them the necessary skills and confidence to improve their current level of ability.

“PE teachers use 50-50 LAB to embed key social skills that give all children the confidence to work towards improved technical outcomes.”

After-school club…

Teaching staff and sports coaches apply character skills to their sessions to enhance team dynamics and leadership opportunities during after-school clubs.

“50-50 LAB promotes and captures key social skills learnt during after-school club activities.”

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