'Unlocking the Undiscovered Potential in Every Child.'


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

– George Bernard Shaw.

  • 100% of schools who used it, said 50-50 LAB made a significant difference
  • Hundreds of children practice responsible leadership roles
  • Hundreds of children embed character skills every day through the School curriculum
  • 50-50 Zones promote teamwork, fair play and positive attitude
  • Increasing girls’ participating in football during unstructured times
  • Significant reduction in low level disruptive behaviour and bullying
  • Significant reduction in behaviour and first aid incidents during break and lunchtimes
  • Hundreds of children return to class calmer - Ready to Learn, Ready to Work!
  • Significant improvement in school and parent/carer partnerships
  • Hundreds of parent/carers receive daily email of their child’s LAB scores.
  • Hundreds of children feel safe during unstructured times.
  • Achieving more psychosocial outcomes through the 50-50 LAB zones
  • More children with social and emotional issues engaged in game-based play
  • Hundreds of children engage with 50-50 LAB over a long period of time
  • School representative teams perform with better teamwork, fair play and positive attitude
  • Engages more children to participate in extra-curricular sport and activity
  • 50-50 LAB is designed for whole-school setting
  • Supports and integrates children with additional needs and SEND
  • Supports every child's social and emotional development
  • Reduces anxiety, builds confidence and improves concentration and focus
  • Hundreds of children have improved their demeanor and character

Intervention Programmes – Pupil Breakdown

Intervention Programmes – Pupil Breakdown

Intervention Programmes – Pupil Breakdown

Specialist & Zenith Intervention – AEP

100% Successful Reintegration

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