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How to use 50-50 sliding scale terminology and award points!

The LAB Score is based on the child's effort in applying the character skill that you choose for the activity.

Every child starts each activity on a 3 score.

Before moving the child up a score, let them know they are on a High 1, a High 2 or a High 3 to encourage them to move up to the next score.

Before moving the child down a score, let them know they are on a Low 2, a Low 3 to encourage them to stay on the current score and avoid moving down a score.

Bonus Points are best awarded at the end of a scored activity and ideally not given out if a child has dropped down to a 1 score during the session.

Bonus points are awarded when the childs display additional character skills


  • Clearly set the task that will be scored. Explain how the character skill can be used to complete the task.
  • Empower the children the children to be in control of their own LAB score as they already know the expected level of effort and attitude expected (3 score).
  • Remain positive even if a child receives a 1 LAB score, focusing on the pathway to improve their score.
  • Start the lesson with all children on a 3 score (expected level of attitude and effort).
  • Verbally using the 50-50 sliding scale terminology to give pupils the opportunity and encouragement to raise their scores.
  • Award a bonus point when the child displayed excellent effort and attitude as well as applied additional character skills.
  • Award a bonus point when the child not only completed the task to an excellent level but also applied other character skills.
  • Give feedback through acknowledgement, recognition, praise and reward for pupils’ efforts towards completing tasks.


  • Don’t use 50-50 LAB as a behaviour management tool. It’s designed to improve personal, social and emotional development. The LAB system helps every child to build their confidence, reduce their anxiety and improve their concentration and focus.
  • Don’t use in a punitive way, simply reacting to negative behaviours with 1 LAB score’s. Create pathways, opportunities and enough time to encourage the child to turn negative behaviours around.
  • Don’t move a pupil’s score down unless you have first verbally used 50-50 LAB terminology to give opportunity and encouragement to stay on the current score.

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